The undersigned Account Holder hereby makes application to access their personal/business accounts at Goppert Financial Bank through the Internet at the website of Goppert Financial Bank ( in order to make activity inquires, transfers between accounts and bill payment to third parties, if applicable.

Account Holder recognizes that Goppert Financial Bank has no control over Account Holder’s means of access to the Internet and Goppert Financial Bank will only be responsible for providing the aforementioned website and information. Goppert Financial Bank agrees to maintain said website with its best efforts but will not be responsible for any disruption of service beyond its control other than to change the monthly access charge pro rata if such disruption becomes extended in nature.

Account Holder will gain access to their account through a valid username and password. The security of an Account Holder’s accounts depends on the secrecy of the username and password. The Account Holder agrees not to reveal the username and password to any person not authorized by the Account Holder and agrees to notify the Bank immediately if the ID or PIN is lost, stolen or otherwise compromised. Any person making transactions using said username and password shall be deemed authorized to conduct business on behalf of the Account Holder. Account Holder agrees that Goppert Financial Bank will not be liable for any transactions initiated through their website by individuals who have obtained access to said username and password. You are responsible for using the following methods to protect your account information:

  • Never give out personal information such as your password.
  • Never leave your computer unattended while logged into Digital Banking.
  • Always exit by clicking on “Sign Off” after using Digital Banking.
  • Notify Customer Service immediately if you suspect that your username or password has become known to or used by an unauthorized person.
  • Goppert Financial Bank encourages you not to send any confidential information including social security numbers, usernames and passwords via e-mail. If you would like to contact customer service electronically, please do so by secure messaging within digital banking.
  • Unless you have instructed us otherwise, you agree that Goppert Financial Bank may send you electronic messages about other products or services we offer.
  • Goppert Financial Bank is not responsible for any electronic virus that you may contract while using Digital Banking. Goppert Financial Bank suggests you routinely scan your computer using a virus protection product to detect and remove viruses found.

Digital Banking with Goppert Financial Bank is available 365 days a year. It is necessary to perform maintenance. This maintenance is limited to the early morning hours (i.e. Midnight – 5:00 a.m.) on Saturday or Sunday when possible. There are times Digital Banking may be down for extended periods of time or times other than Saturday or Sunday for more extensive maintenance, system upgrades, or to resolve equipment problems. During these periods, customers are notified of the maintenance on Goppert Financial Bank’s website and when attempting to log into Digital Banking.

Transactions made using the Internet services shall be subject to regulations of the Bank applicable to checking accounts, savings accounts and cash reserve accounts. You will be able to transfer funds between your Goppert Financial Bank accounts only.

As a Digital Banking customer, you can make immediate transfers between specified deposit accounts through Digital Banking. You are responsible for all transfers you or your authorized representative make using Digital Banking. All such transfers are effective when you complete the transaction online. Funds must be available in the account from which you wish to transfer funds on the date you enter the transaction.

Account Holder further agrees that the access to Internet services can be cancelled at any time by either Account Holder or Goppert Financial Bank upon written notice given to the Account Holder at their address of record or to Goppert Financial Bank, Attn: New Accounts, P.O. Box 606, Lathrop MO 64465. Account Holder shall be responsible for all transactions prior to termination of this agreement.

This agreement and any amendments hereto will be subject to and construed under State laws.

Fee: There is no fee for Digital Banking service.


The purpose of this Disclosure Statement is to inform you of certain rights that you have under the Electronic Funds Transfer Act.

Please Note: In this statement the words “you” and “your” each refer to the person who uses or is authorized to use Digital Banking Services. The words “we”, “our” and “us” refer to Goppert Financial Bank.

Digital Banking Services – you may access our Digital Banking service using a personal username and password to conduct the following transactions:

  • Transfer Funds between checking, money market, savings, and loans
  • Make payments to loans
  • Obtain the available and current balance(s) and transaction history of checking, money market, savings, club accounts, and loans
  • Initiate stop payments
  • Account management

BANKING SERVICES – Digital Banking service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, we only process transactions and update information on business days. Transfers made on weekends, holidays, scheduled in advance or after 6:00 pm will be processed on the next business day.

USERNAME AND PASSWORD – Access to Digital Banking may be made by personal computer. Access requires the use of a unique username and password (collectively, the “Login Codes”) created by you. Your use of Digital Banking with the Login Code created by you will be deemed by us to be valid and authentic and you agree that any communications to us under your Login Code will be given the same legal effect as written and signed paper communications. You agree that electronic copies of communications are valid and you will not contest the validity of the originals, absent proof of altered data or tampering.

LOST OR STOLEN LOGIN CODES – If you believe your Login Codes or other means of access have been lost or stolen or that someone has used them without your authorization, immediately change your Digital Banking Login Codes. This is done by going through the “administration” option. Contact us immediately by writing, calling or e-mailing us at: Goppert Financial Bank, P.O. Box 606, Lathrop MO 64465, 816-782-7400,

Include in the message your name, address, phone number and a brief description of the problem. All e-mail requests will be answered by close of the next business day.

CHARGES FOR TRANSACTIONS – For a listing of fees, refer to the Truth and Savings disclosure for your account. We reserve the right to change our fee schedule from time to time and we will notify you a minimum of 30 days prior to any change by written notice to your last known address. All fees will be assessed to your Primary Checking Account.

RECORD OF TRANSACTIONS – You will receive a monthly statement showing the status of your account(s), transactions made during the past month, and any charges, which we may impose, for such services or transactions.

LIABILITY FOR UNAUTHORIZED TRANSFER/TRANSACTIONS – CONTACT THE BANK IMMEDIATELY if you believe your Login Codes have been lost or stolen. Change your password and contact us.

If you notify us of a loss, your liability for unauthorized transfers or payments will be as follows:

If you contact us within two business days of the loss or your discovery of the loss, you can lose no more than $50 if someone used your Login Codes without your permission.

If someone used your Login Codes without your permission, you could lose as much as $500 if you do not contact us within four business days after you learn of the loss and we can prove that we could have prevented the loss if you had contacted us.

Also, if your monthly statement shows transfers or payments that you did not make and you do not contact us within 60 days after the statement was mailed to you, you may not get back any funds lost in the 60 days, if we can prove that your contacting us would have prevented those losses.

YOUR LIABILITY – You agree to the terms of this Internet/Digital Banking Disclosure and the schedule of fees that may be imposed. You authorize us to deduct these fees as accrued directly from your account balance. You are liable for all transactions that you authorize. If you have given someone your Digital Banking Login Codes or other means of access and want to terminate that person’s authority you must change your identification number and password and make the Bank aware of your intentions in writing.

ACCOUNT RESTRICTIONS – Your name must appear in the legal title to make transfers between accounts. You may not transfer between accounts with legal or signature restrictions. However, an account(s) may be viewed if you are an authorized signer on the account(s).

OUR LIABILITY FOR FAILURE TO COMPLETE PAYMENTS OR TRANSFERS– If we fail to complete a transaction on time or in the correct amount, when properly instructed by you, we will be liable for damages caused by our failure unless:

  • The account has been closed or is not in good standing.
  • Your equipment or ours was not working properly and the breakdown should have been apparent to you when you attempted to conduct the transaction.
  • You have not given us complete, correct or current account numbers or other identifying information so that we can properly credit your account or otherwise complete the transaction.
  • You do not properly follow our instructions or if you provide us with wrong or inaccurate information or fail to correct or tell us about any inaccuracy of which you are aware.
  • You do not instruct us soon enough for your payment or transfer to be received and credited by the time it’s due.
  • The funds in the account from which a payment or transfer is to be made is subject to legal process, or other claims restrict the transactions.
  • Circumstances or persons beyond our control prevent, delay, intercept or alter the transaction, despite reasonable precautions that we have taken.
  • There are insufficient funds in your account to complete the transactions;
  • We have reason to believe that the transaction requested is unauthorized;
  • The failure was caused by an act of God, fire, or other catastrophe, or by an electrical or computer failure or by other causes beyond our control.

In this case, we shall only be liable for actual proven damages if the failure to make the transaction resulted from a valid error despite our procedures to avoid such error.

CHECK REORDERS, ORDER DOCUMENTS, SECURE E-Mail – Additional features within the Service include: check reorders, document requests, and secure email. The submission of requests, such as those for, document requests, or check reorders, will generate a secure email to this Financial Institution. Generally, requests received through the Service’s secure e-mail feature will be processed within one (1) to two (2) Business Days. For urgent requests, we recommend that you contact Customer Service at 816-782-7400.

CHANGE OF TERMS – We reserve the right to amend or terminate the services offered from time to time and we will notify you a minimum of 30 days prior to any change by written notice to your last known address.

WAIVER OF AGREEMENT – Any waiver of any term of this Agreement by us on occasion will not prevent us from asserting our rights to these terms in the future.

TERMINATION – You may terminate the Agreement and your Digital Banking Service at any time upon giving written notice of the termination to us. If you terminate, you authorize us to continue making transfers and bill payments you have previously authorized until we have had a reasonable opportunity to act upon termination notice. Once we have acted upon your termination notice, we will make no further transfers or payments from your account. If we terminate your use of your subscribed Digital Service, we reserve the right to make no further transfers or payments from your account, including any transaction you have previously authorized.


In order to enroll in the Service:

  • You must have an Eligible Account with this Financial Institution.
  • Your account with us must be in good standing.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must be a resident of the United States or its possessions.
  • You must have a computer and Internet browser that will support 128 bit encryption.
  • You will need Internet access through an Internet service provider (ISP).
  • You will need access to a printer and/or other storage medium such as a hard drive for downloading information or printing disclosures.
  • You will also need an external email address for the delivery of electronic notices and disclosures.
  • Prior to enrolling in the Service and accepting the electronic version of this Agreement, you should verify that you have the required hardware and software necessary to access the Service and to retain a copy of this Agreement.

If we revise hardware and software requirements, and if there’s a material chance that the changes may impact your ability to access the Service, we will give you advance notice of these changes and provide you an opportunity to cancel the Service and/or change your method of receiving electronic disclosures (e.g. change to paper format vs. an electronic format) without the imposition of any fees.

LINKED ACCOUNTS -When you first enroll for the Basic Digital Banking Service we will link all of your designated Eligible Accounts to one Access ID. If you want to limit the accounts linked or the privileges assigned to an account, please contact us at 816-782-7400 or send us a secure email message through the Service.

With the exception of Sole Proprietors, Business Customers may NOT link personal Consumer accounts to the Service.

SIGNATURE REQUIREMENTS – When any transfer or other Payment Instruction is initiated through the Service for your benefit, you agree that we may debit the designated Eligible Accounts without requiring your signature on the item and without any notice to you. Requirements for dual signatures on checks, if applicable, do NOT apply to transfers/ orders initiated through the Service. Any Authorized User must be authorized individually to make electronic transfers even though that person’s authority to make transfers by other means may still require dual signatures.

ACCOUNT BALANCES – Balances shown in your accounts may include deposits subject to verification by us. The balance reflected in the Service may differ from your records due to deposits in progress, checks outstanding, or other withdrawals, payments or charges. A transfer request may not result in immediate availability because of the time required to process the request. A transfer request must be made before the Business Day Cut-off time to be effective the same Business Day.

The balances within the Service are updated periodically and the Service will display the most current “as of” date on the “accounts” summary page. There may be situations that cause a delay in an update of your balances. The Service will use the most current balance available at the time of a transaction to base our approval for account transfers.

DISCLOSURE OF ACCOUNT INFORMATION – We will disclose information about your account or the transaction you make to third parties:

  • Where it is necessary to complete transactions.
  • To verify the existence and standing of your account with us upon the request of a third party, such as a credit bureau.
  • In accordance with your written permission.
  • In order to comply with court orders or government or administrative agency summonses, subpoenas, orders, examinations and escheat reports.
  • On receipt of certification from a federal agency or department that a request for information is in compliance with the Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978.

Our Terms and Conditions on Deposit Accounts are available at any of our banking offices upon request.

Goppert Financial Bank On-line Fees

No monthly fee

By selecting “Accept” to this agreement, Account Holder acknowledges the above stated terms and conditions for Internet services to their accounts at Goppert Financial Bank.